Deep Sea Fishing

No matter your age or experience we welcome you on board as we head out to the best fishing spots Antigua has to offer. Join Captain Rivi and crew as you engage in game fishing . Captain Rivi has over 15 years of experience in these waters. We’ve custom rigged our Bertam 28’ to give you the most comfortable fishing experience. We drops lines, grab a cold refreshment, cruise the open waters while waiting in anticipation for our catch. We are fishing for Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda and more!

Bottom Fishing

We use our experience to take you to the best fishing spots. We cruise to drop-offs just off of Antiguan Coasts fishing for snapper, grouper and other bottom feeders.

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What we fish for:

Mahi Mahi

“Dolphin” Is the original name of this fish, however saying “dolphin” often mistakes people into thinking of the mammal dolphin. This fish is a rapid-swimming ocean dweller, often found under sargassum floats.. Easily Identified by the long continuous dorsal fin which extends from above the eye to the base of its tail. This fish is brilliant Silver; males display bright yellow, yellow green and blue iridescent spots. Females display brilliant blue iridescence with blue markings on the end.

Spanish Mackerel

A silvery fish, with its back often darken with bluish or olive cast. This fish has an elongated body with a lateral line sloping gently downwards below its second dorsal fin. It is primarily an open water fish, and is commonly misidentified as the King Mackerel.

King Fish

Similar in body to the Spanish Mackerel, this fish has an elongated body with bluish or olive cast. However, this fish has no distinctive markings on its body.


The yellowfin tuna is among the larger tuna species reaching up to 180kg. Having yellow second dorsal, anal and fin-lets (between dorsal, anal fins and tail) gives this fish its name. The second dorsal fins and anal fins can be very long in mature specimens, often reaching as far back as the tail. The main body is very dark metallic blue, changing to silvery on the belly which has about 20 vertical lines.

Blue Marlin

The speedy and high quality flesh of this fish gave this fish the reputation of highly prized in sport fishing. It is one of the largest bony fish weighing up to 150kg. The Blue Marlin, like other billfish can rapidly change colour. Most often however, the body is blue-black on top with white/silvery underside. It has a long and stout bill. Position and shape of its fins, makes this fish extremely streamlined. The blue Marlin feeds on a variety of species near the surface.


The barracuda is silver and has a long cylindrical body. With its large underslung jaw, and pointed teeth, it’s quite easy to identify. This fish can have scattered dark spots and darkened side bands.


This fish has a long, cigar-shaped body. It’s bright silvery grey, It’s back may have dark bluish cast. It can display numerous dark bars. It is an open-water fish, travelling solitary or pairs. It’s a speedy fish with high quality flesh, which makes it a great prize in sports fishing.


There are many varieties of grouper, but the grouper is a heavy set fish, coming in many colours and patterns. They drift along the bottom up to 700 feet.


As with the grouper, there are many varieties. Most commonly fished for is the red snapper. They inhabit deep reefs, banks and rocky outcroppings. These fish tend to be in depths anywhere from 60-400 feet.